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Let It Rain! Cash In On The Analytical market…

✓ The analytical market is a multi-billion dollar industry, with a huge and constant buying potential

✓ With thousands of applications, the demand is guaranteed

✓ You can make significant amount by a product that sells itself



High-quality analytical products that adapt to a wide range of applications and provide reliable results at an affordable price.


Affordable, this is the word you will not find on the pages of high-quality goods as their prices far exceed their true value, and there is a little or no profit on them.


But here at Glamvelo, we are aiming to provide our partners with best products at their true value, so that a great profit margin is guaranteed.


We are testing and selecting the best products for the markets so that selling them becomes as easy as ABC.

Meet the Adwa multiparameter analytical devices. Products spent 10+ years to create and develop, by constant brainstorming with customers, developing the full range of devices, crafting and optimizing every detail.

Easy and fast

These are the keywords.

Everyone is looking for an easy-to-use product.

With these device, customers don’t have to spend days and hours to learn the usage. With Adwa meters, the learning is pretty straightforward so that they can get the results they are looking for in a couple of seconds from the first time they turn it on.


Adwa meters are easy and fast solution to anyone who is working with analytical product to get instant and reliable results with their work.

Wide range of meters

Multiparameter devices for analysis of big amount samples.

The collection of the meters are not stopping at Benchtop Meters. The product list contains portable devices, mountable monitor devices and accessories. This increases the possibilities and you can expand your business at any time. The potential is massive.

Take a slice from the 9 billion dollar pie

The analytical instruments market is projected to reach USD 9.55 Billion by 2020 from USD 8.10 Billion in 2015, at a CAGR of 3.3%. 

There is a huge demand for the products and it is increasing. Which means, even with a little effort, incredibly good results can be expected.

How much can you make by selling analytical devices?

You can quickly reach the 6 digit numbers just like our resellers do, as you will be able to target multiple markets such as laboratories, schools, educational institutes, biotech, or anyone interested to have reliable results with their measurements.

Customers love to work with Adwa meters as the reliability, accuracy, and durability of these products are competing with the high-end products. With a massive price difference, the customers are getting a professional device at a much lower price.

✓ You will supply your customers with a professional device at a much lower price

✓ You can target multiple markets including laboratories, schools, educational institutes, biotech with huge demand for these products

Earn money with Glamvelo

laboratory business partners shake hand

✓ We know the ins and outs of this niche, having spent the last 20 years marketing multiple products in this niche.

✓ Our resellers have banked in millions of dollars selling our entire range of top products… and its time for your turn!

And the Best Thing! – The Continuous Demand

This market never gets saturated!!!

There will always be a need for analytical devices and for their accessories, which means that this customer segment is an infinite cash cow.

A recurring business opportunity

A very important thing is that electrochemical products have a Lifetime, so customers need to change them once in a while.

They are buying maintenance tools to keep their products under good condition which makes it a recurring business opportunity, which means more extra income for you and your business.

They will buy this from you again and again, who sold them the products. This offers you huge extra income.

Is it worth for you?

We have priced our products at a very competitive level to maximize your profit margins.

A typical hard working distributor can make well into the six digit income.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use images or copy on your site for my company blog / site?

If you are our reseller, yes you can use any image or copy from our website and post it on yours.

You do not have to ask us for permission.

Are Adwa products made in China?

Absolutely not. Adwa meters are made in EU (EUROPEAN UNION).

Are there other products than pH meters also?

Yes. There are several kinds of products at your disposal that can also make you a high income.

How much can I make by selling analytical devices?

Many of our resellers has made 6 figures by selling only pH meter, not counting the products with other parameter capabilities, and the accessories, maintenance products. With those additional products can make you more significant amounts and you can open to other markets as well.

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